SLC Summer Part 1

I can’t believe it’s been an entire month since my last post!!! Things have been crazy with school and work but with school over I have a little bit more free time so hopefully will be better about writing.
Sooooo I created this blog with the intention of improving my writing skills and becoming more familiar with an average website layout, which will hopefully be helpful down the road. My dilemma with this is that I never know what to write about, or what I could share that would be interesting enough for someone to read someday. All of the bloggers I follow are always going on extravagant vacations with their significant other or promoting a product or posting about fashion or just their outfit of the day. I don’t have a significant other (or the funds to travel the world on my own), I’m not partnered with any companies to promote their products, and I don’t consider myself to be extremely fashionable; so none of the stereotypical blogger topics are my forte.
Today I realized that while I may be ‘stuck’ in SLC(my hometown) all summer, I have a unique opportunity. Utah is a beautiful place full of rich history and outdoor activities that many people are not aware of. While trying to brainstorm ideas of what to do with all of my newfound free time, I decided I would document my ‘SLC Summer’ and share it with you! As an SLC native I am more familiar with the variety this state has to offer than your average joe. While many brand Utah(SLC) as just the boring Capitol of mormonism, I see my city as a cultural mecca for people of all backgrounds.
So to start off my SLC Summer, I’ll share about one of my new favorite places to brunch; The Rose Establishment. One of my favorite things to do no matter the season is try new food places! My good friend Gracie is always finding cute new places to try. SLC has a surprising amount of cute little cafés and restaurants. The downtown area is one of my favorite places to explore because you’re able to find new places tucked away from the street. The Rose Establishment is located on 400 W, directly south of the Gateway. They have great brunch options including avocado toast, quiche, and oatmeal. They also have lunch and bakery options which are equally as amazing, and a unique variety of teas and coffees. I ordered the avocado tartine with an iced chai and fell in love!The indoor and outdoor ambiance are welcoming and set in a unique environment downtown, surrounded by old buildings. Overall a delightful experience!

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