PARIS week 9

Our last week in Paris was so bittersweet. I’ve absolutely loved our time here!! I am a huge fan of the architecture, art, food, and people here. We didn’t do a whole lot of specific or special activities this week, but spent a lot of time just hanging out in the city, shopping, and eating lots of crepes and pastries. Lots of people went to Disneyland Paris this past week, but Drue and I didn’t and were able to eat the best Greek food, tour the Opera House(Palais Garnier) and visit the Tulieries gardens.

We had tickets to the ballet, but because of riots in the city it was cancelled.

Our last day in Paris was spent going up to the top of the eiffel tower, shopping, and exploring. It was lovely.
I love the eiffel tower at any time of day. The musée d’orsay and l’orangerie are my happy places. A good crepe is the cure for any ailment I’m convinced. I love listening to locals speak french to each other. I love sad attempts at communicating with people who only speak french and their kind patience with dumb americans like me. I’m going to miss roaming the gorgeous streets and the upbeat sketchiness that is the metro. I’m also going to miss the spunkiness of french style, and how everyone has this kind of unspoken respect for each other especially when it comes to fashion related decision making. I’m going to miss walking across bridges over the seine to notre dame, the green box things full of books and cards, and the magnificently massive department stores. I loveParis so much and can’t wait to come back again soon!!

My time in Paris has given me a lot of perspective. I’ve recognized how fortunate I am to come from a strong, safe environment and to have a family that loves and supports me. I’m so so grateful for the educational opportunities I have and that I’m able to go to college.

fav places/things to eat
‘change your life’ crepe, quasimodos crepes right by notre dame, aphrodites greek cafe, lite coke, cheap brie from carrefour, all the weird filled chocolate!(crepe and praline) laduree macarons, the boulangeries on every corner, the pan au chocolats on the corner bakery by the student hotel, all the delicious produce, hazelnut flavored everything amorino gelato, the gorgeous boys in all black on the streets, french church!! hymns in french & english sacrament meeting random intimate discussions in the kitchen.

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