LONDON week 1

The next 3 months of my life are going to be spent studying abroad in Europe!!! So here is the first of (hopefully) many posts about my experiences.
I left home last Thursday for the Salt Lake airport, and after a layover in Philadelphia made it to London!! The first flight was fab, the second flight was soooo long and I got soooo sick. When we landed in London I had thrown up 3 times (yikes) and felt like I was going to die in customs. We took the tube as far as we could, but with multiple lines shut down we ended up walking with all our luggage a little over a mile in the rain. It was miserable in the moment but so funny to look back on now!
On Sunday we attended church at the Hyde Park 2nd Ward, and walked through Hyde Park to get there and back!
Monday classes started, and everyday since then has been packed with learning, site seeing, and exploring the city. London, I love you!
Some of the highlights of this week included; Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Dover Castle, the British Museum, seeing Wicked, Borough Market, Ben’s Cookies, and finding amazing shopping in the most random places!
I’ve loved all of the people I’ve met so far, whether they’re part of the study abroad group or native Londoners. This week was perfect!!

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