I try to steer clear of political/controversial/hard-to-talk about topics, but this just feels too important to ignore.
It’s been very interesting to listen to comments regarding the #metoo trend… I’ve found it particularly interesting to see how my peers and other women who did not participate by sharing the tag have reacted. Many have been shocked, but a surprising amount have reacted negatively, expressing their disdain for those who have chosen to share. This aspect has been really difficult for me to comprehend. Have we become so naive as women as to think that sexual assault/harassment isn’t a regularly occurring thing? Are we so hardhearted and insensitive that we can’t stand in solidarity with those who have experienced things that are almost too awful to comprehend?
Unfortunately, I’m not shocked by the number of women who have shared their stories, but I am shocked by the negative reaction by other women! Sexual assault or harassment is NEVER ok, regardless of the circumstance. It saddens me that we have become so accustomed to these occurrences that we see nothing wrong with them.
Power to those who are brave enough to speak up on this issue! I am so proud of your courage and stand with you in solidarity. I have had many experiences with the kind of sexual harassment that society has trained us to laugh off like it’s no big deal. It IS a big deal and we should not be afraid to speak out about it. We should not be afraid to speak out about it for fear of judgment by others. I find it very hard to believe that as a woman you have had no first hand experience with sexual assault/harassment in your lifetime. Degrading jokes, and sexist comments come into play so frequently I can almost guarantee you’ve seen it firsthand. If it hasn’t happened to you it’s happened to your mother, daughter, sister, or friend.
To those who disregard the firsthand stories and bravery in speaking out, accusing others of ‘exaggeration’ and circumstance I say shame on you. You don’t know the full story, you don’t know how their experience made them feel.
Sexual harassment/assault makes you feel like trash. It makes you feel worthless, like your life has no value. It makes you feel dirty, sick, unimportant.
To those who have felt this way or feel this way now;
YOU matter. YOU are important. YOU are not what has been done to you. YOU have a voice and YOU are not alone in this. YOUr experience does not define you, but it does make you stronger. Please please please do not lose hope, and please please please continue to fiercely fight societal norms that give us the false sense that this kind of behavior is ok.
I commend you for your willingness to speak out on such a difficult subject! I want to be more like you.
To those who don’t understand the importance of the issue brought up by the #metoo trend;
OPEN you eyes. LOOK around you. STOP being so cowardly and acknowledge that YES there is a problem, and YES we NEED to talk about it. PLEASE try not to put down others for speaking out on such an important issue! We NEED you on our side for change.
I have faith in the future, and I have faith that change is coming for good.
Thanks for listening!!!
k love you bye

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