This year has been fantastic. So many amazing memories and experiences I can’t even count them all!!! I would say 19 was monumental because I really learned a lot about myself. To commemorate I made a cheesy/cliche list of all the good things from this year that I want to remember because lists are easy to read and great when it comes to remembering stuff!! Here goes:
19 things that I learned/ things that happened as a result of the 19th year of my life
– Moving out and starting over really allowed me to take a step back and determine what I want out of life and who I want to be.
– I made important decisions in regards to school and worked really hard to get into a program that I’m passionate about.
– I decided to be brave and am planning a semester abroad even though it really scares me.
– I’m determined to put my education first and make sure I get the most out of school.
– I got my first internship and learned lots!!
– This year was a step towards being an independent adult and it was hard but so worthwhile.
– I visited some of my favorite places with some of my favorite people!!!
– I survived my first year of college!!! #success
– I got the nerve to finally start that blog I’d been wanting to, even if it’s kind of a secret.
– I focused on my relationships with family members, and really tried to be present and interested in them and their experiences.
– I worked through so many goodbyes that broke my heart, I’m now an expert at saying goodbyes!!
– I came out of this year a stronger person, more passionate and thoughtful than ever before.
– I learned that you have to earn what you want in life, and success is something you have to work for.
– I decided to rely more on religion, and use faith to help solve my problems.
– Life is so much more fun when you’re confident and don’t care about what other people think.
– I am responsible for my own happiness, attitude is everything!! Also it’s ok to be emotional!!
– Living in a clean space reduces stress guys lol
– The effort it takes to stay in touch with someone you love when life changes and things go crazy is 100% worth it
– Live everyday like it’s your last!!! Do what makes you happy. Life can change in the blink of an eye and you never know what tomorrow might bring.
This year was PERFECT. There definitely was a fair share of ups and downs, but when I think about all of the great memories from the past year my heart is so happy!! I hate birthdays and even though the thought that I will have been in the world for 2 decades in a few minutes (YIKES) makes me kinda sick to my stomach I know there are so many fab things coming my way this year!!! The best is yet to come…

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