Soooooooooo it’s already finals and fall semester is coming to a close. I’ve taken 4 out of my 6 finals so far, and naturally I’m writing this blog post because anything is better than STUDYING. This semester was so different from anything I experienced last year!! My classes were intense, I worked 2-3 shifts a week and lived in my first apartment!! It was an adventure for sure.
Honestly I’m so stoked to be done with classes and go home for Christmas!! Tonight I started packing up my room because I move out in 3 freaking days. 3 DAYS!!!! Time has flown by, and sometimes I question if I really lived through all of it. Looking back, nothing huge from the past 4 months really stands out to me. The little day to day things really made it worthwhile. Late nights spent laughing with my roommates, powering through essays, PRSSA meetings, and struggling to make my own meals are some of the things that come to mind(lol.) I baked cakes, drank lots of diet coke, and (barely) passed stats 121!!
I actually should be studying so I’ll just keep this short and sweet…
Cheers to surviving fall semester 2017!! You will be missed, but I’m so glad you’re over.

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